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Healing Addiction Meditation

June 27, 2019 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm



Healing Addiction examines the processes of attachment that lead to addiction and describes the relationship between addiction and spiritual awareness. The class also discuss various addictions from which we can suffer, not only to substances like alcohol and drugs, but to work, sex, shopping, food, performance, responsibility, and intimacy. For a full list of addiction, please see below.

Addiction can take many shapes and sizes and how the process of staying clean, sane, and unhooked is a daily activity.The question is not “Why are you addicted?” but “What pain is your addiction masking? Why are you running―into the wrong job, the wrong life, the wrong person’s arms?”

Healing Addiction is an empowering and wise treatment of a topic of major concern in these most addictive of times, one that can provide a critical yet hopeful guide to a place of freedom based on holistic approach, covering the psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of recovery.

 What you will learn in this class: 

  • Discover the hidden potential that has been clouded by addiction
  • Create an unimaginable life filled with infinite possibilities
  • Build stronger intimate relationships with family and friends
  • Learn to live a life filled with mindfulness and get the most out of each unique moment
  • Learn your “why” behind the addictions
  • Learn how to conquer and recover from addictions
  • Find what is missing from your recovery– the genuine peace and joy that exists within one’s being
  • a new, breakthrough approach to fighting addiction and self-damaging behavior by acknowledging our personal power to bring ourselves back from the brink.

Centered on the concept of self-actualization, Healing Addiction will guide you towards not only physical sobriety, but a mental, emotional, and spiritual sobriety by learning to identify key principles within yourself, including authenticity, honesty, gratitude, and understanding a need for solitude.

Healing Addiction is perfect for recovering individuals, family members and anyone interested in truly living life free from any addiction.


This class is for you if you are addicted to:

Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, Food, Gambling, Gaming, Shopping, Working, Exercising, Sex, TVs, COffee, Social Media, Cleanliness, Pets, Children, Family, Performance, Meeting expectations, Being good, Being nice, Being right, Fame, Popularity, Relationships, Responsibility, Self-improvement, Status, Stress, Winning,


This class is also for you if you have the following averse addiction-phobias:

Afraid of being alone, Afraid of being judged, Afraid of commitment, Conflict-avoider, Afraid of death, Afraid of disapproval, embarrassment  Afraid of Failure, Acrophobia, Glossophobia, Fear of intimacy, Fear of pain, Fear of responsibility, Fear of success, Fear of vulnerability.


Healing Addiction Meditation

by Meilinda Sutanto

Fri, 27 June 2019 from 7.30pm – 9.00pm @ SGD40


ATDY Grads and Friends:  SGD32







Meditation Teacher, Healer

Certified Health Coach, Plant-Based Nutritionist

Speaker, Co-Author, Angel Impact Investor

Greenpreneur, Green Developer and Philanthropist


Meilinda Sutanto is a meditation teacher, healer, board-certified health coach, plant-based nutritionist, speaker, co-author, angel impact investor, serial successful entrepreneur turned greenpreneur, green developer and philanthropist living in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is also pentalingual.


She designed and teaches Food Intelligence & The Healing Self because she believes that health and happiness is everyone’s birthright, and she loves food. She is also an advocate of cause-based approach to treating illnesses, instead of symptom-based approach, combining the wisdom of nature with the rigours of modern science.


Learn more about Meilinda here.



June 27, 2019
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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Meilinda Sutanto


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