Michele Chong
Michele Chong
Managing Director of The Golden Space, Professional Sound & Voice Therapist, International Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator and Speaker
Yii Hui Lee
Yii Hui Lee
Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Head of Guardians of Mother Earth Singapore

Nabil Mattar
Nabil Mattar
Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator
Sue Sze
Sue Sze
Yoga Practitioner, Tibetan Singing Bowls Therapist, Entrepreneur, Designer

Khoo Yin
Khoo Yin
Family Relationship Facilitator, Mindfulness & Meditation Facilitator
Thomas Thong
Thomas Thong
Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Coach

Puspa Parikh
Puspa Parikh
Art Therapist, Energy Healer, Meditation & Workshop Facilitator
Jeannie Lim
Jeannie Lim
Intuitive Healer/Counselor & Meditation Facilitator

Priz Tey
Priz Tey
Director of The Golden Space Hong Kong, Chinese Meditation Facilitator, Certified Zumba Instructor
Cindy Gozali
Cindy Gozali
Certified Meditation Facilitator, Leadership and Communication Expert, Publisher, Managing Director of The Golden Space Global

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Frequently asked questions

How does anyone find the time to meditate? I, for one, am incredibly busy.

Like all things in life, this is ultimately just a matter of priorities. If you realize that meditation actually provides you with important training for life, then you’ll start to see it as less of a hobby and more of an essential component of your daily routine, even if it’s only for five minutes in the morning when you wake up or before you go to bed at night. Everyone is busier than ever these days, but those who have tasted the power and benefits of a consistent meditation practice just make the decision that it’s something they can’t afford to skip.

Is it better to meditate on one’s own or with other people?

Both are needed to experience the full dimensions of the practice. If you have the opportunity to meditate with others—or even with one other person—then you should take it, because mutual support only helps, and meditating with others can also reveal new depths of meditation through the subtle “field” of consciousness that is generated between everyone. But don’t become so dependent on the support of others that you begin to lose your own independent strength and autonomy in the practice.


I can’t sit longer than five minutes. How do I sit still?

As with anything else in life, meditation just takes practice.  There’s no real trick to it other than that.  A lot of people have trouble sitting still for one minute, so consider yourself ahead of the curve.  But if you remind yourself that learning how to meditate properly is like exercising a new muscle, then you’ll be more patient with yourself when you don’t instantly get the results you want.

This practice just takes time, effort, and commitment.  Commit to sitting still for five minutes, day after day, until you’re ready to try for six.  If you don’t make it the first time, try again the next day.  Eventually, if you’re serious enough, you will learn how to sit as still for as long as you want.

Do regular people meditate, or just monks and women?

Jack Dorsey, cofounder of Twitter and Square, meditates. Jack Dorsey is a billionaire. In fact, a lot of successful men meditate. Marc Benioff, CEO of, has written about it. “Meditation allows me to focus. It removes the clutter that interferes with the actual thought process,” says Roger Berkowitz, CEO of Legal Sea Foods, which has thirty-two restaurants, four thousand employees, and revenues of more than $200 million. “Before, I could wrestle with a problem for a long time. After I started meditating, I could zero in on the solution almost instantaneously. So meditation doesn’t make me smarter, but it helps me connect the dots faster. You see the problem clearly, and you see a solution clearly.”

Is there any religious implication or affiliation with meditation?

The short answer is that The Golden Space meditation is universal and non-religious. Within popular culture, meditation has been seen to be associated with spiritual practices in the past. The truth has it, that most people in the world have already meditated. If you have relaxed looking at a beautiful sunset, allowing your thoughts to quiet down, this is close to meditation. If you have been reading a book for awhile, then put it down to take a break and just sat there quietly and peacefully for a few minutes without thinking, this is close to meditation.



What are the abc’s of meditation?

There are a few recommended guidelines for meditation:

  • It should be done every day, preferably at the same time
  • It should preferably be done before a meal rather than after a meal
  • A spot should be set aside for meditation, which should be a quiet place and used for nothing but meditation
  • One should sit with the spine straight and vertical (a chair is ok to use)

How is meditation different from relaxation, thinking, concentration or self-hypnosis?


Relaxation is a common by-product of meditation. Relaxation itself can assume many forms, such as taking a hot bath or reclining in the Lazy-boy and watching tv, etc. Meditation is an active process where the meditator remains fully aware of what the awareness is doing. (more…)

What are the benefits of meditation for me as a beginner?

Physical Benefits of Meditation

With meditation, the physiology undergoes a change and every cell in the body is filled with more energy. This results in joy, peace, enthusiasm as the level of energy in the body increases.

On a physical level, meditation:

  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Lowers the levels of blood lactate, reducing anxiety attacks
  • Decreases any tension-related pain, such as, tension headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint problem (more…)

What type of meditations do you offer?

A Sample of Our Meditation Sessions and Courses

Astral Travel to the Universal Divine Consciousness with Master Umesh Nandwani

Join Master Umesh on an astral travel to the higher consciousness, higher realm, to receive messages and love from the Universe.

Compassion Meditation

Everyone wishes to be happy at the root of all of their wishes. Happiness will not come from possessions; it must come from within, from Love and Compassion. This meditation will help you let your love for everyone grow, thereby giving you a greater sense of peace and happiness! Meditating on compassion is a great way to build your compassion for others and improve your relationships with others.  (more…)

What must I bring along for the meditation session?

Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to sit on a cushion on the floor for the duration of the session. Bring a jacket/sweater/shawl in case you find the air-conditioning too cold for you. Bring a water bottle – free water refill available.

I have never done any meditation before. Can I join your meditation session?

Our meditation sessions are suitable for everyone, whether you are new to meditation or have been meditating for a long time. There are no pre-requisites, except for our flagship “Awaken ∼ the Divine You” program which requires students to progress level by level. All sessions are Universal and Non-Religious.

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