Master Umesh Nandwani
Master Umesh Nandwani
Founder of The Golden Space ®
Michele Chong
Michele Chong
Professional Music Composer & Voice Coach, Professional Sound Therapist, Moon Meditation Facilitator, Energy Healer & Counselor

Michael Clements
Michael Clements
Life Transformation Coach, Certified Workshop & Meditation Facilitator
Siobhan Coulter
Siobhan Coulter
International Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Psychotherapist, Counselor, Author, Healer, Meditation Facilitator

Khoo Yin
Khoo Yin
Workshop Facilitator
Leong Wai Yee
Leong Wai Yee
Director of The Golden Space, Corporate & Personal Trainer, Mindfulness Facilitator

Jeannie Lim
Jeannie Lim
Intuitive Healer/Counselor & Meditation Facilitator
Patrick Lim
Patrick Lim
Certified Counsellor, Career/Family/Life Coach, Trainer

Puspa Parikh
Puspa Parikh
Art Therapist, Energy Healer, Meditation & Workshop Facilitator
Tan Keng Ann
Tan Keng Ann
Integrative Healer, Life & Spiritual Mentor, Meditation & Workshop Facilitator

Priz Tey
Priz Tey
Meditation & Workshop Facilitator
Thomas Thong
Thomas Thong
Gratitude Ambassador

Gail Wang
Gail Wang
Yoga Instructor
Yii Hui Lee
Yii Hui Lee
Ziwei Doushu Astrologer, Head of Guardians of Mother Earth Singapore, Energy Healer, Meditation & Workshop Facilitator

Cindy Gozali
Cindy Gozali
In House Practitioner, Certified Meditation Facilitator, Leadership and Communication Expert, Publisher, Managing Director of The Golden Space Global
Francis Bevan
Francis Bevan
Australia’s Most Accurate Clairvoyant, Psychic & Astrologer

Nia Tursari Beyerlein
Nia Tursari Beyerlein
Energy Healer, Practitioner, Trainer
Lucy Chan
Lucy Chan
Energy & Body Healer, Practitioner, Master Trainer

El Herington
El Herington
Founder of Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval, Intuitive, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and Teacher
Stephanie Hermawan
Stephanie Hermawan
Meditation Teacher, Healer, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Changemaker, Angel Impact Investor, Philanthropist

Sky Kho
Sky Kho
Managing Director & Lead Practitioner
Beatrice Lee
Beatrice Lee
Crystal Healer, Hypnotherapist

Stacey Lee
Stacey Lee
Certified Family Constellation Facilitator, Reference Point Therapy Practitioner, Radiant Child Yoga Teacher, Colourfool Creative Coach
Meilinda Sutanto
Meilinda Sutanto
Meditation Teacher, Healer, Certified Health Coach, Plant-Based Nutritionist, Speaker, Co-Author, Angel Impact Investor, Greenpreneur, Green Developer and Philanthropist

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“Meditation and Beyond” Workshop


Meditation is a non-religious, universal, ancient proven art and practice – a path towards self-realization, enlightenment and self-mastery. It is a natural way to relax, release stress, re-focus and quiet our mind, thoughts and emotions – making it a very useful tool in today’s fast paced and demanding stressful life. It also helps to create one’s positive self-empowerment energy and re-balance the “dis-ease” of mind, body, soul and emotions, besides connecting one’s personal inner and the Divine consciousness.

Participants will learn useful skills, knowledge, techniques, postures and other fundamentals and tools of meditation to experience inner peace, harmony, love and strength. Learn how to release your stress, mental/emotional blockages and negative energies. Increase your positive life force, endurance, inner guidance and achieve a higher understanding of this ancient art. Learn different techniques of breathing and their individual meanings which will help you calm and focus your mind. Discover more about intuition, connecting to your 3rd eye, how to create and live life in clarity and full awareness.



  • Meditation fundamentals, techniques and tools
  • Different ways of breathing and how to focus
  • Self energy awareness and profound energy connections
  • The art and benefits of visualization and unconditional love
  • How to enhance your intuition and attract abundance in your life
  • How to connect to your third eye 





I was quite lost in the directions of my path and got frustrated easily. After the Course, I feel more calm and can feel the energy being stimulated through the body. I will practice the meditation to open up my heart even more. The teachings were fantastic and I feel great after the Course.
~Doris Yeow


I decided to come for the course firstly because I was curious about it, and secondly, I had heard many good and positive experiences from the people who came. True enough, after coming, I realized that this course had made me feel enlightened. I used to think that meditation was for religious purposes, but after coming here, I realized that meditation is such a huge universal thing that cannot be covered just by a single religion. It actually made me realize that meditation is not just sitting at a corner and praying but is more about learning how to be more aware of things around us. From this course, I become more aware of the correct ways of breathing, the way to be more relaxed and calm and most importantly, I explored a bit more about myself. Given a chance, I would want to carry on to Level 1, to try to find out more about myself as well as learn more about meditation. So far, the teaching at The Golden Space has been clear and enriching. It is definitely something that is worth investing.
~Elson Yeow, Singapore


Before the Course, I was unsure of the correct breathing methods to enhance my self-learning meditation. I joined the Course because I wanted to find out my “inner-self” and to connect to the spiritual world. It was a fantastic and relaxing experience. I felt more ‘opened-up’ and more sensitive to my environment and my clarity has been enhanced. The Golden Space is a good, peaceful and homely place; an eye-opening experience towards the spiritual path.
~Yvonne Yap


Before coming for meditation, I was dull and had no motivation for all things. I felt that life as a human being was meaningless. I couldn’t focus on anything I did and found myself useless. After attending the Basic Meditation Course, my way of thinking towards life and challenges I faced, totally changed. I found meditation interesting; it makes you feel calm and fresh. It benefited me and helped control my temper towards people around me and my loved ones. Trainer, Mr Umesh, is fantastic in teaching the meditation course.
~Eric Poh


I was going through many challenges in life and needed to look for guidance and some soul searching. Why did I end up so busy and juggling so many things? Why did I choose the path I took? I wanted to find out why and how I could balance and resolve these. I learnt that humans are all the same internally. It taught me to take time off for myself and love myself. All that happens in life are creations of human beings. The teachings are very universal indeed. Added human touch and jokes in between teachings.

~Margaret Lee


I was less confident and confused before the Course. Now, I feel more assured, found myself and feel much more peaceful and calm after experiencing the joy and love energy. These are excellent and good practical lessons.
~Valerie Chua


I felt lost and almost hopeless. I could not find my direction – my purpose, my calling in life – what was I really meant to do or to be in this present lifetime. I felt an affinity to be a healer, a teacher, to share, to learn, to expand my knowledge – but I wasn’t sure. I needed a ‘confirmation’ of what I felt were my spirit guides, my angels guiding me. The Basic Meditation Course opened my “eye”, my spirit and my 3rd eye. I released a lot of hurt. I received and gave unconditional forgiveness and love. The teaching is non-religious and non-denominational. Master Umesh was friendly, guiding and open.
~Margaret Foo-Tan


I learned breathing through yoga class and the Basic Meditation taught me how to calm myself. I like specially the part on power of love. I deeply believe power and love can do a lot of wonder to one’s life, family and world. Toward the end of the class, the instructor specially stresses that one should love oneself. I have loved many others and always ignored myself. This is an enlightening course and beginning to find, know and love oneself. Sending love to others creates warmth in the body.
~Noeline Chua, Singapore


I learnt a lot of new tools and also solved my doubts and questions about meditation. After the workshop, I feel more fresh, inner-self feels clean and no anger. My mind feels more relaxed and no stress.
~Chin Ching Hwa, Singapore


A great feeling knowing what is kept inside feeling personal power, love, anger and strength. Make me realize or feel the great mystery of life and knowing eternal/internal secrets. Amazing. Applauds. Really happy. Thank you. Life is like a mystery with many clues but few answers to tell us what it is that we can do to look for messages that keep us from the truth. Guess it is this way of getting the answers. Cool stuff… haha… Cheers!
~Ranjan, Singapore


I found the training to be something I never thought I’d take part in. I am deeply and truly intrigued by what I have learnt and the feelings, emotions, release and relaxation I had never thought possible. The teachings and course is simple to follow and look forward to growing further with this programme. I am greatly thankful for the ability to be part of the workshop. The course has taught me few disciplines which I need to work on and will be helpful in my life. This is only the beginning.
~Shamil Gujarati, New Zealand


Before, I wanted to learn to calm myself and thoughts so that I could search for my inner-self. During breathing for a start; I didn’t quite “get it” but eventually got the feeling like getting into the “grip”. Felt my inner-self a little more. After that, I felt “Healed!” and I look forward to receiving more gifts from God.
~Angeline Heng, Singapore


This course has led me to fill my heart and whole being with love energy. So much so, that the feeling of overflow is simply PURE ENJOYMENT and ecstatic. This experience is simply magical and powerful. I look forward to the next stage of experience.
~Raines Mak, Singapore


Good introductory course to start a spiritual journey. Conducive environment coupled with helpful guidance by Umesh does help to reveal areas of self that one would not be able to realize. Experiences and insights not easily obtained in other courses. Certainly a good start and absolute belief in continuing course.
~Tang Hong Ee, Singapore


I was feeling very stressed and confused before the course. I learned the proper way of breathing and feel relaxed after the course. It helped me to relax my mind and see things in a more clear way. The teaching was conducted in a simple, easy to understand way and a universal open mind. I would like to go for the Level I course to learn more on the meditation as I believe it will make my life better and happier.
~Yeow Leong Chee Alvin, Singapore


I was lost and needed to know what meditation was and what it could do to help me. I realized I have a soul and it is the most important part of my being. I need to learn how to connect with my soul and be aware always. The Basic Meditation Course taught me the techniques and how to’s. What are the don’t’s and do’s. The basic information for a beginner in meditation and self-awareness. Friendly instructor and relaxing environment which makes coming here enjoyable and relaxing. The teachings are not religion driven. Yes, coming for Level 1 to move on to the next level of learning and discovery.
~Emily Wan, Singapore


I was lost and full of hatred for my family. I was able to calm myself and be more focused. I found inner peace and able to relieve my stress. It was very informative and enhanced my life, not a religious clan. I found out more what I can do to myself to make me a better person.
~Foong Yoke Ying, Singapore


Before I came for this Basic Meditation course, I learned more answer could be obtained through this. I have the knowledge to meditate now. I can feel the energy surround me when I meditate. The feeling of happiness inside me is indescribable. I find that the teaching is very easy to learn and understand. Mr Umesh has made the course very lively and created a very cheerful mood during teaching. The course is non-religious. I am definitely coming for the next course, Level 1.
~Jerry Tan, Singapore


I was curious to know more about meditation and what I can do to help enhance my life. I was feeling good but fidgety and restless. I felt difficult to concentrate before the lesson started. I have realized that other than using the mind to think, there are other parts of myself e.g. my soul to which I have to spend time listening to and that will help make me more aware, more alert and to understand and listen to myself better. I think that way it makes me know myself better. I think this is a good, quiet location for meditation. It is not religious but it requires you to believe there is a Divine consciousness and Divine One and at least to believe that there is a God. Most of all, an open heart will suffice. The teachings so far have been good. I like the sharing sessions because you come to realize that people are feeling the same way as you and you are not alone. I’m considering but I think likely I would like to develop my ability to connect listen and open up more.
~Lau Su Lin, Singapore


I was curious about the benefits and “ability to discover oneself” that meditation can bring. I remained less skeptical. I think need to explore further to find out more. The Basic Meditation Course has helped me to relax and it has kept me calm. I find their teachings very enlightening so far. And I will possibly come to level one to find out more about other benefits of meditation and to know myself better.
~Michelle, Singapore


Umesh is clear in his instructions during the meditations. He makes meditation easy to understand.
~Christopher Bok, Singapore


I have gain more knowledge even though I have been meditating in a different energy field. I have always been a curious person to learn the different meditation workshops, and in each workshop I gain different knowledge and, I would say, extra knowledge which I hope can expand my thoughts and my energy field in all the ways that can help me in daily life. I hope through meditation I can truly know who I truly am and who I should truly be and hopefully I can gain my divinity thought their lessons.
~Shyfa Lau, Singapore


I just started to learn about meditation. It provides basic understanding and learning to relax oneself; de-stress oneself; love oneself. In The Golden Space, Umesh shares learning experiences and makes us understand how far we can go, if we are willing to let go of our inner thoughts and doubts.
~Veronica Mak, Singapore


Before coming to this course I felt tired, stress and difficulty. During the course I learn about rhythmic breathing, deep breathing, how to focus, how to concentrate, what is unconditional and pure love, how to send your love to the one you love. After attending the course, I have learned the skill of rhythmic breathing, to focus, concentrate better and de-stress myself. I felt more relief, more happy and to love myself more.
~Li Shan, Singapore


This is the day I realize that there is a ‘ME’ hiding inside my heart timidly. Today ‘I’ am released to myself. Thank God for bringing me back. Thanks Umesh for the sharing of all this love. I felt my body physically healthier too. My body is fresh and my mind is fresh, and of course my inner ‘ME’ is very happy. I love to know myself so that I can share all my happiness with everybody and it will be better if I can help others. I will work hard, because I am growing, many people out there need us to grow… we are growing…
~Lee Kwee Cheng, Singapore


The environment is very peaceful and clear. Felt very welcoming when I first stepped into this place. The session was amazing. Didn’t know I could sit for so long. I have never sat for so long since more than 20 years ago. Felt calm during the session though feeling uncomfortable sitting, but through Umesh’s guidance, every discomfort disappeared. I didn’t expect to be able to meditate in just 2 evenings with positive energy. Wonderful experience and glad I could make it for this session. Now is to practice and make perfect. Thank you Umesh for the session and guidance.
~Patricia Koh, Singapore


A beautiful cozy place right in the centre of town to relax and experience your positive energy. Never expected to be able to meditate but was led by Umesh who was a great and professional teacher. A course everyone should take up. Great for beginners and those who have no idea how to go about meditating.
~Veronica Tan, Singapore


Great teaching techniques with time given to relax, reflect and practice. Great atmosphere and settings. Beneficial as it gave me the basics of meditation. Umesh is a great mentor. There was plenty of time given for questions and answers. This is a great place to learn.
~Esther Neela Vani, Singapore


My experience of attending Basic Meditation was very good and it really changed me for better understanding of meditation. I am more focused and having a positive attitude. Through this, I can have a better lifestyle and positive energy. Before attending this course, I had negative energy and not an unclear mind. After this program, I feel better.
~Eunice Thanaletcmi M., Singapore


I went through a healing session and the basic meditation course under Umesh. It has been an “eye opening”. I’ve come to realize the many challenges within me. I’ve come to realize how I’ve to changes my ways for the betterment of myself, family, my pets and my friends. There’s a very positive, happy feeling now which my heart wishes to share all who need it, God-willing.
~Malcolm M. Solamalai, Singapore


At first, I was having doubts about Meditation. To find out how meditation can help us to fulfill a meaningful life. Meditation can help to cleanse our body, send love to anyone, healing and do a lot of wonderful things. Meditation can help me to know my true identity, past life, to send love to myself, send love to anyone, and have a better lifestyle. The trainer was experienced and teaches us the right way to practice meditation. The course was well explained and carried out with clear instructions and practice. The Golden Space is a cozy place to practice meditation. Sheila’s service was good. Overall, everything is quite satisfactory.
~Andy Phua, Singapore


Before this course, I was worried and sad. I learn something that I have never come across before, meditation, energy. I have learnt from the course how to keep myself at peace, calm and love myself before I love others close to me. The trainer is very friendly and the course structure for today was excellent. I got to know more about The Golden Space from my cousin in Brunei and I very convinced to check and get the news from the internet. I would surely recommend my friend to attend this course. I know someone that has problems and looks for medication that does not help, some of the problems are from the inner side.
~Koh Yeng Chieng, Singapore


Before this course, I was going through life as per normal everyday. Waking up, going to work and repeating this day after day. In this course, I learned more about meditation and the proper methods of meditation. I also learnt more about myself, how to become a better person and also how to experience peace within myself. Learning the proper way of meditation was important to me. I enjoyed the moments of peace which I experience while meditating. The most important thing I learnt was that I need to love myself more. The trainer was very professional and knows his stuff. Overall, service was good. And yes, I would recommend my friends to this course so that they could get a chance to find their inner-self.
~Phiona Tan, Singapore


Before this course, I was tired. I came to this course to learn to take care of myself. Today, I learnt and experienced the knowledge of meditation. Warming up was most important to me and I enjoyed and benefited most with it. The trainer and the course structure were good. I find The Golden Space and overall service good. Yes, I would recommend my friend and relatives to this course.
~Stefan Thong, Singapore


I anticipated that the course would help to tune me in preparation for the “Awaken ~ The Divine You”® Workshops. This it did. I enjoyed the music and deep breathing which helped my form a lot. The first two meditation exercises were excellent and beneficial. I found the final meditation tiring. I was impatient. This may have been because I had experienced this meditation before. The trainer was excellent, caring and empathic.
~Brian Marthick, Australia


Before this course, I was excited and bothered and also in a rush. I came for this course to experience meditation and what it could do to help me in my life direction. During this course, I learnt breathing, posture, energy and experienced peace and some sensations. The breathing exercise was important to me. I enjoyed the deep sense of peace and calm. The trainer was fun, loving and honest. The course structure had good pacing. The Golden Space and the overall service is excellent and very cozy environment. Sheila is very helpful. And yes, I would recommend this course to my friends and relatives as they would benefit greatly when they come to The Golden Space.
~William Quek, Singapore


I got to know Umesh as a spiritual master. I thought that spirituality was reserved for weird people. Now I found out that meditation is a practical exercise that everybody should know. I am lucky to learn from him. His method has built my confidence and now I am prepared to reach my destiny. I recommend this course to everyone.
~Cecil Sie, Singapore


The reason for this course is to relax, unwind and learn meditation basics. Before this course I knew nothing about meditation and the basics of breathing. During this course, I received excellent guidance and we practiced on meditation basics. The training was excellent. And The Golden Space is nice, warm and has a spiritual environment. I come away enthusiastic about practicing what I’ve learnt and continuing to participate in future workshops.
~David Sigmond, Singapore


I think before I experienced this course, I had negative feelings and thoughts even though I had been expecting to join this course. After the breathing exercise, I found that I was very relaxed and felt comfortable, relaxed and safe. My negative feelings and blockages have gone through the exercise and I feel white light and energy. And these few days, I saw the same word, “Love yourself”. I am very glad to have loved myself today. Thank you very much. And the trainer’s explanation is very simple and easy to understand and I think the truth is very simple.
~Keiko Kitajima, Indonesia


Before I came, I had so many doubts and questions to which I could not find an answer. Then, one day I saw Umesh’s advertisement, so I decided to consult him. Finally, I decided to attend the Basic Meditation Course and look forward to “Enhance Your Life” workshop. I am happy to learn so many things in the meditation course, which if I hadn’t attended, I would never have known. He is very good, not selfish, and humorous and he gives interesting lessons. Thank you, Umesh.
~Ong Siew Kim, Singapore


Before the course, I was looking for relaxation through meditation. After the course, I managed to get relaxed and breathe through some levels I haven’t been to for a long time. The trainer was excellent. And we went through practically with each exercise and explained fully what to expect, etc. I also found the course a great introduction to meditation and I will pursue it further once I’ve mastered the basics through my over practice.
~Craig Walker, Singapore


During this course, I learnt to open up my heart and my mind. Most importantly, there were things in my heart which I had entangled and released the knots. My heart feels lighter now. Finding and experiencing true love. My chi and breathing are more calm and neutral. I’ve awakened a part of my mind and body. There is more positive energy flow inside me now and I realized that God sent me to love everyone.
~Iris Tan, Singapore


The meditation sessions have helped me attain a sense of inner calm and peace which I never knew existed within, though simple to learn, yet powerful techniques. Umesh has given me a new state — the state of being present, oneness with my body, soul and spirit with no disturbance from the outer world. I’m eagerly looking forward to the other 3 modules of “Awaken ~ The Divine You” as I know I will be a different Lionel after.
~Lionel Lim, Singapore


Thank you. I find the course useful to know oneself. The instructions were clear and good on how to meditate. Felt better and got to know myself better. I have not loved myself before. Thank you once again.
~Andrew Loh, Singapore


I don’t know how I was before the course. I have practiced meditation on my own without any guidance. At least now I know how to practice meditation. I have felt the energy around me. I have something pass through me. I would strongly recommend everyone to come for the basic meditation. How I have benefited, I don’t know yet, but I hope to find out soon by practicing what I have been taught today. Thank you.
~Tharmaseelan, Singapore


Before the class, I felt a bit stressed and tired. My mind is always constantly moving. I was not even sure if I could meditate because I tried before but was not successful. However, when a friend asked me to try here at The Golden Space, I quickly signed up because my mind was already set to be able to meditate successfully. So, after the class I did at The Golden Space, I felt refreshed and de-stressed. Most of all, I feel loved. I am so happy to learn about The Golden Space. Brother Umesh is very supportive towards all of us. I will surely recommend The Golden Space for meditation to my family and friends.
~Rae Tan, Philippines


Firstly, when I came I did not understand what it was about, but after meditation, I understand about meditation. I can feel the energy in me flowing and some feeling that I never experience before. I think I will recommend to people who want to relax and de-stress.
~Regina Tan, Singapore


I came seeking for a cure. I think the cure is within my mind and I would like to find it. I feel a sense of clarity. While my problem is still there, I think I’m beginning to have the tools to tackle them. I intend to practice the techniques and really work towards achieving that peace of mind. This is a very interesting and intensive course, yet delivered in step-by-step manner that is easy to absorb. Nice environment, teaching is very practical and hands-on. Good that class size is not big.
~Choy Kah Kin, Singapore


Before this, I had no idea about meditation. After this, learnt techniques necessary for helping myself to be more “in-tune” and aligned with the Universe. Through this course, the types of breathing techniques and personal experiences help form the foundation for higher purposes in finding my own spiritual path. I would recommend anyone who wishes to experience the inner self to take up this course. The trainer is well equipped.
~Nicole Ting, Singapore


At first, I did not know about meditation. During this course, I understood the various breathing techniques. I also learnt about the basics of meditation. For whose who’d like to know more about meditation, or if you don’t know about meditation, this course is a good place to start. The facilities are pretty good. The surrounding is quiet. The trainer guides the student through the steps in the training manual and gives useful points too in the understanding.
~Vincent Chen, Singapore


A new experience, some sort of awakening. Now, I know I love myself and I am important to myself. Before this course, I could not sit still, not even for 10 minutes. I did not know what relaxation truly was. I am glad I came and will have deeper peace of mind now that I kind of know something about relaxation. Umesh is very approachable and very sincere in what he says; a very interesting person.
~Aw Soh Lin, Singapore


I am amazed by the amount of techniques I have learnt within this hour and being able to connect to my inner feelings. I released a lot of negative energy. I always act and appear like I am very strong, in fact, I have a lot of fear within me to do certain things. I feel relieved and enlightened and I think that there are a lot of inner potentials within me. I will recommend this course to others because there are so many of us who are so strong but do not realize, and I want my friends to benefit from it. Umesh is clear in his explanations, humorous, sincere and uses his heart to share; a kind person. Nice classroom environment, very positive energy with a good range of books, etc.
~Daphne Low, Singapore


I found the Basic Meditation Course very beneficial. I have really learnt a lot from this 1-day course. Before attending this course, I was trying to find inner peace for myself. After attending the course, I feel more relaxed, calm and peaceful within. I will recommend this course to any beginner who wants to learn meditation. The trainer is good and the place is very cozy.
~Lee Kuah Huang, Singapore


The Basic Meditation Course is truly life-altering. In a short period of time, I learnt about myself and my potentials. It has been a very positive experience for me. Before I came here, I was full of negativity and felt that I was carrying a heavy burden on my shoulders. It has been a struggle for me for a long time… I am glad I made a decision to take this course. After the session, I felt the weight has been lifted and I can now experience a lot of positive things and energies. I am now more aware and feel good about it! I will definitely recommend this course to my friends; a lot of people are lost in the big jungle out there, all stressed and no inner peace. Anyone and everyone deserves to have an opportunity to experience it. I found out about The Golden Space from my sister. I find Brother Umesh very warm, knowledgeable and explains things very well. He is extremely helpful.
~Sherry Tan, China/Philippines


I learnt how to rest my mind, focus on my 3rd eye and also learnt more about breathing. I had forgotten to love myself and share love with other people. I will build up my energy level further and love myself more.
~Regina Tan, Singapore


I came to the course without knowing much about how to apply meditation in my daily life. I wanted to learn meditation to calm my thoughts which has always disturbed my mind. I wanted to learn how to apply meditation in a more effective way to calm my mind so that I could listen to my inner-self. This has been an insightful course for me. Initially, I experienced backaches during the 1st meditation exercise. However, as the course progressed further, I learnt how to meditate and concentrate on my breathing, so that I forgot about my body aches in the process. The most significant experience/point is that I have learnt not only about the theory and concepts of meditation, but I have also learnt how to meditate in a practical way. I would recommend this course to my friends and loved ones. Reason being that most of us have been living in this world only to know about working for a living to feed ourselves and our families. As a result, most of us are living without realizing or even forgetting, to seek our inner-self. I find The Golden Space a very conducive place, filled with great positive energy. The trainer has been very helpful and patient in guiding us about meditation and in sharing his knowledge with us.
~Angeline Yee, Singapore


I was feeling kind of confused, desperate and negative about things that had happened to me. My reason for coming to this course was to seek inner peace and gain self-confidence; to rid myself of anxieties that I had, and to gain control of myself. I think this course has taught me the basic techniques of meditation and what it means to meditate. The most significant experience and benefit to me was to have found some peace and learnt not to have judgement over things or events that had happened. I feel that there was some kind of force that threw me into desperation and led me here to seek inner peace. I will only recommend this course to friends who have some enlightenment or in deep desperation like myself, because I think you need to believe to benefit, and not everyone is ready. The Golden Space has a kind of serenity that kept my mind and thoughts in peace. Umesh is not an ordinary teacher, but touches on the spiritual side of things and perhaps, that is the only thing that can help me now.
~Sandy, Singapore


I was not sure of what to do during meditation and wanted to find myself and understand who I am. This course has been informative and a start to my spiritual journey. The significant point was understanding the flow of energy. I benefited from the understanding, awareness and application of meditation and breathing and how it could support me. I shall recommend this course to people who are seeking guidance on meditation and spirituality. The Golden Space is well kept and maintained with a mystical feel to the place. The trainer is good and explained the course clearly.
~Moonshi Mohsenruddin, Singapore


My reason for coming to this course was because I had lost the flow and the “how” to get into the meditative state. I found that the experiences of the various exercises made me aware of myself and what I needed to do to get back into into the meditative state. The most significant experience was the awareness of the body and the energy flow and what I needed to do to overcome my physical pains, master my physical body and be an excellent meditator. I will recommend this course to whomever I meet that I feel will benefit from this course. The main advantage for the students is that Umesh is able to see the spiritual progress and the problems the student may have and then assist them accordingly. Lastly, I like the decor of The Golden Space.
~Muhamed Nizam, Singapore


A couple of years back, I become rather disenchanted with life. On the surface, I did not seem to have much problems/issues – good career, family, cute kid and all. But I just got so depressed with the ‘meaningless’ of life. Nothing interested me much – things, clothes and whatever that used to attract me. I stopped shopping. Strangely enough, at about that time, I began receiving emails about the ‘law of attraction’ and lots of ‘new age’ philosophy. It was meant for someone else, but was sent to me. I began reading up and found myself connecting with what I was reading. I tried meditating at home but could not really get the hang of it and I was not sure if I was doing it right. So, I started searching for a meditation class and found The Golden Space®. It suited what I wanted – meditation without specific religious affiliation. However, I did not manage to make time for it. I finally told myself enough time has been wasted and finally attended the class on 05/08/09. In the course, I learnt a meditation technique that I am comfortable with, which was also effective. For the 1st time, I could feel myself going into a place I had never been before. Thank you, Umesh!
~Tan Soo Lin, Singapore


I joined the BMC as I wanted to stop the chatters in my mind; to learn how to concentrate and focus. I felt that my life was too hectic and I needed to slow down and find my life purpose before my time was over. During BMC, I learnt how to meditate and managed to feel energies within my body; intially chaotic, but subsequently settled down. I also learnt how to relax. Attending this course has helped me to release some of my pent-up emotions during one of the exercise. This helped me clear out toxic emotions and I felt lighter after it. I feel that everyone should take time to slow down by mediatating and I will recommend this course to my friends. Thanks to Umesh for showing me the way in a nice environment.
~Diana Teo, Singapore


I joined as I wanted to stop the day to day stress even if just for a little while. It helped me to de-stress and know it is ok to be in control all the time. I was restless at bedtime and found it hard to stop the mind from racing. I learnt the importance of breathing, channeling of energies, letting your mind go and opening the channels to allow energy to flow. I still need lots of practice but know in my heart and self that I can control my mind and open my heart to allow energies, love and light to flow freely and allow me to love me more – and in turn, share the love. Yes, I will definitely recommend others to take this course.The Golden Space® has a lovely peaceful feel, very comfortable, very positive. Umesh and Sheila are both lovely people who know their true calling and want to share with everyone. I feel very honored to meet and spend time with both and know and feel a connection.
~Melissa Gill, Singapore


I joined BMC (Basic Meditation Course) because I felt that life had no meaning for me. I have no idea why I am here. Before the course, I felt hurt and lonely. I was reminded how love felt when I loved unconditionally. I am feeling lighter because I am letting go. I miss my past relationship with sweetness and not sadness anymore. I will recommend this course to others. The Golden Space is friendly and has a feeling of warmth.
~Wee Teck Han, Singapore


I finally found out that I could sit still for at least 20 mins each time and center myself without much difficulty. I have always wanted to do meditations but the ‘mind’ always told me that it was too difficult, so I never really got started. Now I know, it wasn’t that difficult at all. I will continue to meditate from now onwards to enrich my life and try to do it everyday. The course was effective and full of encouragement and a warm. I will recommend this course to my family and friends as it will be beneficial for them.
~Mary Ee, Kuala Lumpur


I came here to learn what else there was about meditation. Some of the techniques are good refreshers, some add further knowledge to what I have learnt before, for e.g., the breathing technique. Daily meditation and breathing exercise in a disciplined manner will be a good place to for me to start again. The trainer is lively, knowledgeable and skillful in engaging participants’ attention. This will be a good basic course for those who have no experience in meditation but want to start doing so.
~Bernice Leaw, Kuala Lumpur


It was something different from other meditations I have practised. I like the good feeling and relaxation results very much. I learnt another way of relaxation; ,it helped me to let go some stress which was difficult to achieve. I will put it into practice in my daily life and love myself wholeheartedly. The trainer is wonderful; his guidance step by step is effective and bring good results. The Golden Space® environment is well placed with good energy and comfortable. Yes, I will recommend to my friends. I believe good things are to be shared and I want to share with them.
~Lian Moon Kwong, Singapore


It was an excellent experience. I finally got to meditate again and I feel better now. I felt more peaceful and calm. By getting to know myself better and having positive energy, I know I can be myself – the real me, and do everything with love. I really like the way Umesh conducted the Basic Meditation Course as he was a humorous yet knowledgeable Master. Though I do not know much about him, I know and feel that he conducted the course with his heart to everyone of us in the classroom. I personally like the Golden Space’s environment as it is bright, spacious and full of positive energy. I think everyone should get to know themselves better and to know more about the Universe and Love. And so, I will recommend this to everyone
~Eva Lian, Singapore


I “re-knew” myself and understood why I feel unhappy. I learnt to speak to my inner self, learnt how to concentrate and tame my mind. I like sharing love with everyone. I have learnt how to love myself and everyone else by pure love; love everything and every moment. I will recommend this course to my family and friends if they are interested.
~Coco Wong, Singapore


I learnt how to ‘breath’ in a correct manner. It will help improve my health and sleep. I will bring theory to practical and practice it daily. The trainer is experienced and humorous. The Golden Space® is nice, tidy and comfortable. I would like more people benefit from this course.
~Yvonne Leong, Kuala Lumpur


The course was fun and I enjoyed myself. At first I thought it was a very boring course, but I learnt a lot of things. The meditations really calmed my down and I became patient. I really can’t imagine that I could sit down quietly for half an hour. The trainer taught me a lot of things. He seems like a very powerful person and can see a lot with his 3rd eye. The Golden Space is a very nice place; warm and harmonious. I would to introduce my friends and family to TGS because it’s a real good place to release stress and where we really get to know our self more.
~Biba Fang, Kuala Lumpur

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