Michele Chong
Michele Chong
Managing Director of The Golden Space, Professional Sound & Voice Therapist, International Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator and Speaker
Yii Hui Lee
Yii Hui Lee
Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Head of Guardians of Mother Earth Singapore

Nabil Mattar
Nabil Mattar
Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator
Sue Sze
Sue Sze
Yoga Practitioner, Tibetan Singing Bowls Therapist, Entrepreneur, Designer

Khoo Yin
Khoo Yin
Family Relationship Facilitator, Mindfulness & Meditation Facilitator
Thomas Thong
Thomas Thong
Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Coach

Puspa Parikh
Puspa Parikh
Art Therapist, Energy Healer, Meditation & Workshop Facilitator
Jeannie Lim
Jeannie Lim
Intuitive Healer/Counselor & Meditation Facilitator

Priz Tey
Priz Tey
Director of The Golden Space Hong Kong, Chinese Meditation Facilitator, Certified Zumba Instructor
Cindy Gozali
Cindy Gozali
Certified Meditation Facilitator, Leadership and Communication Expert, Publisher, Managing Director of The Golden Space Global

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Cindy Gozali


Cindy is the Managing Director, Publisher of The Golden Space Global, Communication Specialist and Certified Meditation Facilitator. Cindy started her self- transformation spiritual journey when she joined the “Awaken ~ the Divine You”® Program by the founder of The Golden Space, International Metaphysical Spiritual Master Umesh H. Nandwani. In the following years, she journeyed to Nepal, India, Thailand, USA, Peru, Chile and Greece.

From childhood to almost all her adulthood, Cindy struggled with loving and expressing herself. She chose to be silent when she learned that whenever she expressed herself, she received anger and disapproval instead of love and acceptance. Through her spiritual journey, the most significant realization that changed the course of her life is  that she is the Creator of her own life. She can be whomever she wants to be if she chooses to walk her own path instead of the path of others.  For her, being true to herself, living the life that is meant for her by expressing her true authentic self with love, courage and freedom  is the only way to live.

Combining her life, leadership, entrepreneurial and self- transformation journey, Cindy is now joyfully living her life purpose and specializes in empowering individuals to express  and communicate who they are to create harmony, success and purpose in their lives.

Cindy is a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). From 2014- 2015 she was the past president of EO Indonesia chapter. During her tenure, she had the opportunity to kick-start the MyEO Awaken Retreat. Cindy took this opportunity to drive a new mission to awaken entrepreneurs to live a more purposeful, balanced and conscious life. Cindy is a graduate of EO Regional Leadership Academy and for the year 2019/2020, she serves as EO Global Leadership and Mentorship Expert for the Asia Pacific region.


Private Consultation Sessions

Heart Core Communication

Communication is the heart of any successful relationship. Yet many people struggle with it and lead to issues and breakdown in their relationship. Heart Core Communication is beyond expressing your voice and communicating your need and want. It’s about how you speak, respond and listen. The session will shift the way you communicate and how others communicate with you. This Heart Core way of communication will heal, enhance and transform your life and all your relationship.
What you will learn:
  • DISCOVER the root cause of your communication issues.
  • FREE yourself from old stuck negative emotions and self- limiting beliefs to let your expression flow with ease.
  • Communicate from the heart with honest intention, clarity and authenticity with anyone in any situation.
  • Heal, enhance and transform your life and your relationship.
This session is for you if you:
  • Can’t speak up
  • Can’t express your opinion and what you want
  • Feel not heard
  • Feel not confident to express yourself
  • Feel misunderstood or hard to understand
  • Feel hopeless and “no point” to communicate
  • Feel your words hurt others
  • Feel stuck, stress, anxious, angry
  • Avoid conflicts
  • Have people told you “you don’t listen”
  • Suppress your emotion through excessive smoking, eating, drinking alcohol
  • Have issues like toothache, coughing, mouth ulcers, breathing

SGD208 / 60mins

Terms and Conditions


Heart Core Communication

The 5C’s of Successful Communication

Be The CEO of Your Life

United Super Team



“Cindy, thank you so much. Though I only had 1 session with you, it was so powerful. and the result felt by close people around me. I was very unstable as you mentioned (this was a shock since I didn’t tell you anything apart from my drama2 problem, hahaha). Then you remind me to be stable on my own, to keep filling my tank coz if I am enough, then I shall be stable no matter what. and today I had several encounters, my brother was yelling at me on the phone for a drama reason that was not even because of any of my action, and I didn’t even focus on his words, instead, I said, ok.. yes, and let me see what I can do. he slowly lowers his voice and says ok. unbelievable…
So, I’ll remember what you said, and yes am ready to make an impact. I was also surprised you mentioned that on the very last moment during my meditation. Thank you so much for being there. you just drag me out from the deep well.”



“I am grateful to have met Cindy and been blessed by her guidance, mentoring and friendship. From the moment that I met her, she held a beautiful, calming and open space for not only me but for the community she served. Through her classes and private session I have had the benefit to learn more about, and to soothe and nourish, my mind, body, soul and my spirit. The part of her teaching that really stood out to me was to “learn to become your own best friend”. Basically to love yourself and to be kind to yourself. As a result it creates a ripple effected spreads to the world. I had been wanting for a long time to strengthen my meditation practice and now I had found a great teacher to guide me that was really near by and accessible
Her patience, knowledge, passion and above all her love, are boundless and as a student of Cindy and The Golden Space you will grow in many ways, all of them positive.
Thank you Cindy for opening my heart and the ability of self love, peace, love and light ❤✨”

Yuliana Joh


“Great to be able to join your session and reflect on how important communication is to bring all success to our life.
To me I felt light to speak up and clear blockages I hope to have better communication and to bring harmony everywhere I go and in my environment creating positive impact to myself and others.”

Rita Lawardy


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