Michele Chong
Michele Chong
Managing Director of The Golden Space, Professional Sound & Voice Therapist, International Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator and Speaker
Yii Hui Lee
Yii Hui Lee
Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Head of Guardians of Mother Earth Singapore

Nabil Mattar
Nabil Mattar
Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator
Sue Sze
Sue Sze
Yoga Practitioner, Tibetan Singing Bowls Therapist, Entrepreneur, Designer

Khoo Yin
Khoo Yin
Family Relationship Facilitator, Mindfulness & Meditation Facilitator
Thomas Thong
Thomas Thong
Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Coach

Puspa Parikh
Puspa Parikh
Art Therapist, Energy Healer, Meditation & Workshop Facilitator
Jeannie Lim
Jeannie Lim
Intuitive Healer/Counselor & Meditation Facilitator

Priz Tey
Priz Tey
Director of The Golden Space Hong Kong, Chinese Meditation Facilitator, Certified Zumba Instructor
Cindy Gozali
Cindy Gozali
Certified Meditation Facilitator, Leadership and Communication Expert, Publisher, Managing Director of The Golden Space Global

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Michele Chong


Michele comes from a family which has a long history in the business sector. Since young, she has a vision to make the world a better place through music instead of getting involved in her family business. She worked very hard to achieve all her music qualifications and started teaching singing and performing at a young age because she believes that music will bring happiness and positivity to people and help to positively influence their behavioural patterns.

Michele holds a number of music certifications, the most significant being a Degree in Vocal Teaching (Distinction) from the London Music College and a Certificate in Voice Techniques from the Berklee College of Music.  Currently, Michele is completing her Prac. Diploma in Sound Therapy course from the UK. She is concurrently a member of the Therapeutic Sound Association, UK.

Her life mission has become clearer and her life has transformed since 2016 when she attended the “Awaken ~ the Divine You”® programme conducted by the International Metaphysical Spiritual Master Umesh H. Nandwani. She has also attended the Instructors Certification Course Level 2 by Master Umesh. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to create a Scared Chakra cleansing music soundtrack together with Master Umesh (vocal guidance). The album was published and launched by The Golden Space Indonesia in August 2017. She has also composed a global song for the environment titled “We Are One” for the Guardians of Mother Earth (GME) organisation.  The song was officially launched at an event at the Eurasian Association, Singapore attended by Singapore’s Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Masagos Zulkifli.

Through her music journey and experiences, she has realised that composing positive music is one of the quickest way to reach out to people. She has received many positive feedback from those who have heard her music. An example was a person who was planning to commit suicide and who changed her mind after she listened to one of her songs. Michele always focuses on spreading meaningful and positive messages about life through her songs and music. She has composed many songs for charity, including theme songs for Singapore’s 50th National Day (SG50). A professional instructor with diverse experience, she has organised many corporate and community events.

Michele has been invited to run workshops and private sessions across the world, including in Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai etc. Her workshops and sessions have been extremely popular. Through her sound therapy work, she has transformed and healed many of her clients. She believes that sound is the most powerful medicine. Michele continues to enhance her knowledge and skills by pursuing courses related to health and wellness, human psychology and relationships, and self-improvement.

Her favourite quote is “Nothing is Impossible”.  Michele believes strongly in what she is doing and loves helping people to transform their lives. She hopes that everyone will discover their mission in life and work wholly towards it with positive energy and trust.



Private Healing & Consultation Sessions:

Sound Healing and Vibrational Therapy
Sound therapy is a neurologically-based approach which can be used to sculpt structures and shift consciousness. It has the specific ability to affect a person’s physiological and neurological state.

Through the specific vibrations that affect the body’s nervous system, sound therapy can be used to enhance the immune system by improving lymphatic circulation and increasing oxygenation of the blood and cells. By using the intervals of sound, the resonance of sound is able to realign the living matrix, the nervous system and restore the body’s own harmonic pattern.

Apart from healing the physical body, sound therapy has the powerful ability to heal the emotional and mental self. In the session, Michele will use a mixing method of sound to allow the client to identify and recognise his/her root issue which is causing the current emotion conflict. She will also assist the client to do a self-reflection and to release the trapped emotions. Emotional healing through sound has been shown scientifically to work for most people and it helps to alter their state of consciousness too.

Sound entrainment allows the body, mind and soul to achieve a balanced frequency and to increase our alertness. At the same time, sound also helps you to connect to your inner self and inner strength, to motivate you and give hope in life, while helping you to achieve balance and peace within.

The therapy sessions will help to:

  • Synchronise the left and right brain frequencies to help to reduce stress, migraine, insomnia, depression and improve concentration
  • Relieve muscle tensions, pain and energy blockages in the body
  • Restore health, stimulate the appropriate meridians in order to balance the energy flow to the various parts of the body
  • Re-pattern and renew the body cells to achieve detoxing of organs
  • Achieve quicker recovery from illness, traumas and invasive medical treatments such as cancer, chronic illness, hearing problems etc
  • Lead to positive changes in life by helping us to stop old patterns of behaviour, habits and ways of thinking that no longer serve us and are harmful to our health.

*Tauben is a special energy tool to unblock the body meridians before the sound massage

SGD208 for 60mins


Relationship Coaching and Therapy

Have you ever asked why there are so many people who get divorced after many years of marriage? Or deciding to end a long relationship after being together for many years? What is the key to a happy and long lasting relationship with your partner?

Many married or dating couples often try to avoid the difficult issues in the relationship or distract themselves with something else instead of making the effort to communicate and solve the hidden issues, because many fear that something worse is lurking in the shadows even when these ingrained problems are surprisingly solvable. Some just give excuses such as their busy lives and jobs.

Since young, I enjoy observing human and couple relationships of the people around me including my grandparents, parents, relatives and friends. I realised the relationship between couples is no longer similar to the older generation. A couple has to understand and work out differences together to bring happiness to the relationship, instead of just listening to the suggestions of others.

In my own relationship, my husband and I always working on mutual respect, listening and supporting each other’s perceptions and working to communicate as much as we can. There is no short cut in a relationship, every step and effort makes a huge difference in the couple’s lives.

There are more and more people who have requested for individual private sessions with me to seek help and suggestions to save their relationship, to deal with the emotional pressure and stress from their relationship. So this specially tailored couples session is not only focused on solving the problems within, it also helps an individual to understand his/her partner better and help unfold a deeper loving relationship.

In this session,

  • couples will find out what are the individual root issues that are causing the problems in the relationship
  • each partner will undergo a reprogramming to address the emotional trauma e.g. couple’s family tree issues and understand each other’s emotions
  • improve communication skills, learn to speak from the heart and to create healthier relationships
  • couple heart synchronisation to help alter state of consciousness through vibrational therapy
Suitable for:
  • people who feel stale and bored in their relationship
  • Preparation for marriage or looking for clearer direction in relationships
  • Difficultly in getting your partner to understand your viewpoint
  • Fear and frustration in facing the relationship issues and emotional pressure
  • Difficultly in forgiving and trusting your partner again

SGD280/90mins per couple

SGD714 for a package of 3 sessions x 90mins each


Voice Alignment and Therapy
Do you feel your voice is weak and soft? Or nobody listens to you while you are talking?

Our voice is our most important communication tool, we use it for more than 15 hours each day. If we don’t take care of it or we use it in the wrong way, over a longer period, our voice quality will deteriorate.

You might know of some people who have a beautiful and sweet voice, but they are always ignored by people when they are talking or they can’t express themselves well through their conversations. This is because the frequencies of the brainwaves, heart and voice are misaligned.

Through this session, you will achieve the following:

  • Build the confidence within you to project your voice and to speak and sing louder
  • Understand your own primal and resonance sound
  • Understand how to balance your body energy and apply correct breathing techniques to support your voice
  • Sharpen your listening skills
  • Enhance your voice quality by applying the correct voice techniques
  • Balance your yin and yang energy in your body and your voice

SGD208 for 60mins



Depression Therapy

What is depression and why it’s so important to seek help if you realise you are depressed?
When you’re depressed, it can feel like you’ll never get out from under the dark shadow or you feel like no one understands you and your situation.
So, if your depression is keeping you from living the life you want to, don’t hesitate to seek help.

There are many treatments out there nowadays. Often, people are recommended to take medication which is branded as the fastest way to relieve the symptoms of depression. However, this is not the ideal solution as it might carry long term side effects. If you do decide to use medication, remember that medication works best when you make healthy lifestyle changes in accompaniment.


  • the therapist will identify the root cause of your depression through your symptoms
  • you will be able to find clarity on the direction you need to take to overcome your depression, feel happy and hopeful again and reclaim your life.
  • receive full support and advice from your therapist on lifestyle and behavioural changes to make

Have a session with our therapists to take the first step out of the shadows, you are heard and we would like to tell you, “you are not alone”.

Single Session: $208 for 60mins


Package of 4 sessions: $660


Meditations & Workshops

Soundscape Music Therapy
Moon Tara Magical Full Moon Meditation
The miracle of Voice and Sound Therapy
The Secret art of Singing Bowls
Yin Yoga with Crystal Bowl



“Btw, just want to say : lately, I have been lost, especially for almost two months, where the only thought runs into my head is nothing but suicidal (intense the past one month) and just want nothing, can’t think of anything, neither have willingness to wake up and smile (it was all fake anyway). I was not presence, I was elsewhere, I was like mind, body, soul are not in one piece or the best of saying : they broke into pieces, being chopped in big slices. So much emotional struggles I have to go through alone and seeing things are falling in front of me like a raindrop. and in just 90 minutes private session with Michele changed it all.

Suddenly, today, I woke up in the morning, all I can feel is the energy of joy and happiness, on how just those songs which I repeated on listening everyday sounds even more beautiful and I feel more energetic. I feel like “WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL THESE TIME? Where did I lost? Where was I? Where were the time wasted for and remind me, what happened? How it happened? and you know!

Today, I woke up, with still laziness (feel i need more sleep), but It was unconscious action that I kept smiling and became even more happy after the bath esp. listening to those favorite songs of mine lately.

Take 2 slots instead hahaha let her and her magic wands does it all for you and all you need to do is just RELAX! hahaha! because even if it’s just ONE SLOT of Private Session you take, IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE! Well, It did save mine! After months, I feel slightly released from the burden and this just being done yesterday night! And the funniest thing I was like “why did I think of finding creative ways to suicide?” why???” hahahahah! FUNNY on Her and Her Magical Wands bring back “ME” in Me :)

PS : Those who’re so stress or your body starts to wrecking, TAKE AN ACTION! It does not gets any better everyday, it gets worst by hours! The first action you can do is as simple as just BE YOURSELF and TELL HOW YOU FEEL TRULY! The rest TRUST Her and Her magical wands, and together in harmony they did Wonder!

**Being honest :)”

Grace Lesmana

“Michele Chong brought the true impact of sound on my life to my awareness in this powerful workshop. It is very easy to take the sound we experience in our lives for nothing more than noise; this workshop teaches through real practical experience that every sound affects our entire being both positively and negatively. Utilizing the power of sound alone, Michele Chong helped me in identifying the emotional and physical disturbances within my body, heart and mind. This allowed me to feel cleansed and renewed, a truly life-changing experience.

This workshop is taught in a very methodical way making the theoretical material easy to understand. The practical material was introduced incrementally and patiently to allow every sensation and difference to be felt; making it undeniable.

The array of tools used by the practitioner is in itself astounding, as it showed the beauty of these special and rare instruments; whose sounds I have never heard and used in such an orchestral way.

This workshop was truly a unique, empowering and enlightening experience that everyone must enjoy.”

Yodhananta Soewandi

Soundscape Healing Workshop

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for Michelle being here and the chance to do a private session today. Thanks for bringing a true Master Healer into our midst! And Michele…I am lost of words…What you have done for me today will be with me for the rest of my life and take me to greater heights than even I could have imagined!! Thank you!”
Pam Seton

Sound Healing and Vibrational Therapy Private Session


“It was my first time attending couple sound therapy and I was really amazed with the results by Michele. I was full of fear but I knew that’s the time I need to face my fear of unknown. A lot of clarity, I’m ready to move forward, trust myself and do more on my inner work deeply. After the therapy, my other half and I realize it’s our personal issue, both of us become more understanding. Besides, I’m so impressed he could realize that fast as it was his first session. I feel even secure that he started to accept therapy and meditation.”
Relationship Coaching and Therapy
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