Michele Chong
Michele Chong
Managing Director of The Golden Space, Professional Sound & Voice Therapist, International Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator and Speaker
Yii Hui Lee
Yii Hui Lee
Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Head of Guardians of Mother Earth Singapore

Nabil Mattar
Nabil Mattar
Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator
Sue Sze
Sue Sze
Yoga Practitioner, Tibetan Singing Bowls Therapist, Entrepreneur, Designer

Khoo Yin
Khoo Yin
Family Relationship Facilitator, Mindfulness & Meditation Facilitator
Thomas Thong
Thomas Thong
Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Coach

Puspa Parikh
Puspa Parikh
Art Therapist, Energy Healer, Meditation & Workshop Facilitator
Jeannie Lim
Jeannie Lim
Intuitive Healer/Counselor & Meditation Facilitator

Priz Tey
Priz Tey
Director of The Golden Space Hong Kong, Chinese Meditation Facilitator, Certified Zumba Instructor
Cindy Gozali
Cindy Gozali
Certified Meditation Facilitator, Leadership and Communication Expert, Publisher, Managing Director of The Golden Space Global

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Yii Hui Lee

Hui Lee grew up with a spirit of adventure. She believes that in every moment, each one of us were given a chance to decide. A decision that will create an experience in life. Life is an ongoing process of creation that allows us to grow, enjoy and expand to our fullest potentials.

Hui Lee started her journey into the metaphysical world with the guidance from her heart. Torn in between ‘life is a destiny’ and ‘wanting to have the freedom to create her life’, she set out to break free herself by exploring and applying various schools of thought such as astrology, fengshui, meditation, space cleansing etc. It took her more than 10 years to realize ‘destiny’ and ‘being a creator of one’s own life’ is not 2 separate things. It is actually one, one of the laws that governing the universe.

She has found her true life purpose with the guidance of world-renowned metaphysical master, Master Umesh H. Nandwani through “Awaken ~ The Divine You”® Program. Today, she works as a Director of The Golden Space. She hopes that others can benefit from her learning, without having to go through the same painful journey. As a Ziwei Doushu Astrologer and intuitive healer, Hui Lee loves to share with others what is the potential in store for them in their life, how they can start seeing the benevolent system of this world and in themselves, which is full of beauty and love, and how they can explore the world with freedom, love and joy. The surprises that awaits them, to create a life that is fulfilling and happy.

Hui Lee has a deep connection with Mother Earth. She loves spending time in nature; hiking and travelling around the world. It pains her heart to see the destruction that is happening in the world now. One of her mission is to spread awareness to everyone that mankind and nature are interconnected. The bonding we have with mother nature is more than just earth as a planet, but earth as our mother. The one who provides us with all the abundance that we are enjoying now on earth. She is now leading Guardians of Mother Earth, a Singapore community group to raise more awareness of loving mother nature, Gaia.


Her motto in life is Unleash your imagination > Dare to think BIG > Make it a Reality.


Private Consultation Sessions


Anxiety Management Therapy

Singapore is a high standard living country and everyone looks for the best, unconsciously the stress within us will makes us worry more to achieve the result. While, it is common for us to feel anxious when in stressful environment. However, it becomes unhealthy if anxiety are overwhelming, persistent and irrational. These constants anxiety and fear may interfere with daily life such as performance at work and even relationship.


Therapy is often one of the most effective way compare to anxiety medication. This is because therapy can help you to learn how to relax, look at situation in different angle, discover the causes of worries or fears and learning a better coping skills. Our therapist gives you the tools and guidance to overcome anxiety.


  • Fear, panic and restlessness
  • Difficulties to be calm or concentrating
  • Chest pain or heart palpitations
  • Shortness of breath
  • Panic attacks
  • Persistent worry about future panic attacks and their consequences
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Muscle tension
  • Sleep disturbance

You don’t have to live with anxiety and fear, talk to us and take a journey to walk out of it together.

Single Session: SGD208 for 60mins


Recommended to take 4-sessions package for effectiveness: SGD660

Couple Dynamic 5 Elements Reading and Alignment

Couple dynamic is using personalized 5-elements chart to analyse their compatibility level and aligning their life direction together. When 2 people become one, they created a new dynamic in their relationship. The generating and controlling cycle in 5 elements model represents the balance and harmony in our relationship. In couple dynamic, we can gain insight into how the interaction of both 5 elements combined as one.


  1. Gain a deeper understanding of you and your spouse through your own personalized 5 elements chart derived from your date and time of birth.
  2. Exploring the space between couple, how you can transform triggers and challenges into nurturing and supportive dynamic.
  3. Strengthen relationship to promote understanding.
  4. Gain some tips how to create a balance and harmony relationship.

This session is ideal for new r married couple who is interested in developing, growing and building their relationship.

SGD280/90mins per couple




Classes & Workshop

Mindfulness for Kids
Keep Calm Wednesdays Meditation
Earth Element Meditation
Your Flow: Activate Your 5 Elements Workshop
Fengshui 101: Attract Abundance Energy in Your Home Workshop
5-Elements of Self Leadership Workshop


” I really enjoy Hui Lee’s calmness and the way she makes you feel you have known her for a long time. The way she explains concepts is easy to understand. She is the main reason that drew me to The Golden Space”

Dharani P. Schulz



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